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A Word About the Prints

For many years, we printed the prints ourselves as we needed them to go to conventions, or as they were ordered. But as of December 2011, our printer is no longer cooperating. So we're moving the prints to a store at Zazzle, instead.

The downside of this is that prints will no longer be signed.

The upside is that you will be able to choose the size and paper quality that you want, and you'll be able to get it framed if you want, as well. You'll also be able to get your favorite images on more things than just a print! (For instance, I'm putting them on cards, postcards, and some are going on buttons and phone cases and things as well.) If you want an image on a product that Zazzle makes, let me know, and I'll be delighted to put it there for you.

The prints are also less expensive, and will most likely be shipped out sooner than I could ship.

And I'm putting other things, like mugs, there as well!

I hope you'll all be happy with the new direction.

We still have some stock left. Just click on the print you want, on the left, to see how many are there, or for a link to the particular page of the Zazzle store, if I already have the print up there.

All the signed prints are printed on a six-color Epson Stylus printer, using Epson Premium Matte Paper, with a weight of 250 g/m2, and Epson Stylus® Photo inks.

Please protect the print. Hang it out of direct sunlight, in a glass enclosed frame or plastic sleeve, and keep it dry. If you do, the print should last far past the time when you're tired of it, and want something different on your walls.

If your print is damaged in shipping, or if you don't get it within two weeks of placing your order, please let me know. I will replace damaged merchandise (just send the poor thing back.) I try to send an e-mail when I send out the orders; but my life is hectic and my health is often "iffy," so I admit with some shame that it doesn't always happen. I am never offended by inquires about prints; so if you're wondering, please do ask. Things have gotten lost in the mail before this, and I can't start the search process if I don't know it's missing.

Limited edition prints are just that; once the edition is sold out, they will never be available in that format again. I do occasionally re-issue extremely popular prints, but when I do it will always be a different size, and will either also be limited, and more expensive, or an open edition with a smaller image area.

The open edition prints are not limited per se; but I still will not offer them forever. I change them as the whim (and time) strikes me. As new prints are introduced, old ones will be retired. Once a print is retired, you can try to convince me to reprint a special one just for you, but I make no promises. ; )

All of this art is copyrighted. Please don't use it without permission. That means don't grab it from the web, put it on a disk and tell your friends it's "copyright free." It also means don't buy a print, scan it into the computer, and post it on your website. Don't copy any of this stuff, in any form.

If you want to share my pictures by putting them on your site, or using them as a background on your iPhone, or in any other way, please write to me and ask for permission. I normally give it and make sure you have a .jpg with the meta-data that shows it's mine, at a size I am comfortable having posted; and I don't charge anything. I just don't want to lose the copyright. I make my living by creating these pictures. If I can't make my living this way, I'll have to do something else, and then there won't be any more pictures.

(I'm not the only one who feels that way, by the way. Remember, someone had to make everything you see on the web. Assume they don't want to give the rights away, and don't take anything without permission, please. Having our IP rights violated is very discouraging, and if we get too discouraged there won't be any new stuff at all.)

Thanks, and enjoy the prints!