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This is the picture of Robinton, Masterharper of Pern, (from Anne McCaffrey's Pern series,) that started the whole People of Pern book back in 1980. And it's the only one I did without Anne's supervision. (But I'm pretty sure she approves of it; she bought the original, and it hangs in her home in Ireland.)

This shows the much loved Harper when he was old, and had moved to Southern to settle in Cove Hold. In his hand he holds a glass of his favorite Benden Red wine, on his shoulder is his bronze fire-lizard, Zair.

This image is now available from my Zazzle store. Prints from Zazzle aren't signed, but you can choose any size you want, printed on any of the various Zazzle papers (from cardstock to canvas.) The default size is 17x22 inches, the same size as the original painting; but you can have it printed any size you want.

Prints from Zazzle come without a frame or mat, but you can have them framed if you want to.

This image is also available on cards, postcards, iPhone and iPad cases, a t-shirt, and more. (If you would like it on something else Zazzle offers, let me know.)

So, go to the Robinton print in the Zazzle store if you'd like to have this image on something!

This image is on a number of things in my Zazzle store, at http://www.zazzle.com/robinwoodent*. If you would like it on something it's not on, drop me a note. I'll be delighted to apply it to any of the merchandise there for you.