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Watcher in the Snow

(Run your cursor over the image to see the detail. It may take a moment to load.)

Prismacolor Pencil on Canson MiTentes paper. Original roughly 8X10 inches.

One I did just because I wanted to. I've done several on the "Watcher" theme; a person with an animal companion, watching the borders. Liminal zones and borders bear watching, and these are just the ones to do it. Feel free to assign them to any borders you want.

In this case, I chose a winged white lion because it was a very snowy day when I started this, and white "flyons" seemed to belong in the snow.

The person who posed here is Kevin. And for a change, it was a warm, sunny summer day when I took the photograph, so I didn't make him go outside in the snow in totally unseasonable clothing. Of course, I did wait almost a year and a half before I used the picture; but that's what a photo morgue is for.

This print is no longer available on line. If you'd like a copy, please drop me a note, and ask me to put it on my Zazzle Store. Thanks!

If you want to contact me, please go to my Contact page for a mailing address, or you can reach me on Twitter, where I'm @RobinWood.