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Digital Artist

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This print took me longer than any picture I've ever done (if you don't count the ones I never finished.) I rendered it in Bryce, but used Amapi, Strata® StudioPro, RayDream, Poser®, LightWave®, Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and nearly every other graphics program I have to make it. Started in the spring of 2001, and finished in the fall.

The artist is DAZ's Victoria model, and the cat is the one that comes with Poser 4. The chair is from an old Zygote sampler pack. All the other models are things I made myself; many of them based on stuff that I have sitting around my own home and studio.

The artist is looking at a pile of software and manuals, and creating a painting. This one is really, really full of stuff. Just like the old paintings that I used to make. (All screen shots, menus, packaging etc. from all the software applications used with the permission of their respective owners.)

The setup, with the tape on the art board, the easel, the reference stuck to the sides of the picture, and all the rest is very much the way I used to paint; and I really did this to confront the fact that I couldn't paint any more, because of the fibromyalgia.

Now that's in remission, though, and I might have a place where I can paint again, some day!

This print is no longer available on line. If you'd like a copy, please drop me a note, and ask me to put it on my Zazzle Store. Thanks!

If you want to contact me, please go to my Contact page for a mailing address, or you can reach me on Twitter, where I'm @RobinWood.