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Benden Red

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A study of Master Harper Robinton's wine goblet; the one that was made for him to find when he arrived in Cove Hold (from Anne McCaffrey's White Dragon, of course, which is part of the Pern cycle.

I hadn't done a still life in some time, and decided to do one to try out a couple of new plug-ins I'd gotten for Lightwave®. (HyperSmooth from evasion|3D and IFW2 Textures) Done entirely in Lightwave 7.5, with a tiny bit of retouching in Photoshop (to blend two renders; one with caustics and one without, so I'd get more of the red up in the body of the goblet shadow.)

This print is only available from my Zazzle Store. Prints from Zazzle aren't signed, but you can choose any size you want, printed on any of the various Zazzle papers (from cardstock to canvas.) The default size is 5x6.5 inches, the same size I used to sell the print.

Prints from Zazzle come without a frame or mat, but you can have them framed if you want to.

This image is also available on cards and postcards. (If you would like it on something else Zazzle offers, let me know.)

Besides all of that, you have more payment choices at Zazzle, and they ship more quickly. So moving things there seemed like a win-win to me.

If you would like to see what is available, check out Benden Red at my Zazzle Store. If you would like this image on something it's not currently on, let me know!

This image is on a number of things in my Zazzle store, at http://www.zazzle.com/robinwoodent*. If you would like it on something it's not on, drop me a note. I'll be delighted to apply it to any of the merchandise there for you.