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Star Spinner

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If you ever wondered where the stars come from, this is it. We have all been taught they are born in nebulas, and scientists have said for years that spinning gravitational forces form the matter into stars. But they have never explained exactly how.

Well, now you know!

Prismacolor on black paper, from 1987. I used frisket to cover the spot the spinner would occupy, and then made the starscape behind her with airbrush and toothbrush. (That's the best way to spatter stars and things. Just remember to hold it with the bristles up!)

This is Stacia, the same friend who posed for Trinket, spinning star stuff. Being who I am, I made her go outside in an early New Jersey spring, stand in the winter blasted garden and spin wool while I took pictures. Then I took the photographs and made this drawing from them. Thanks again, Stacia. You were very patient with me.

This print is no longer available on line. If you'd like a copy, please drop me a note, and ask me to put it on my Zazzle Store. Thanks!

If you want to contact me, please go to my Contact page for a mailing address, or you can reach me on Twitter, where I'm @RobinWood.