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Tree of Light

(Run your cursor over the image to see the detail. It may take a moment to load.)

I did this one for the holiday season, 1999. It's another image that has been with me as long as I can remember. Like Livingtree, I've done a number of variations on this theme. This remains one of my favorites.

I used Onyx Tree Pro and Bryce 4 to set this up. Then I retouched it and added all the lights in Adobe® Photoshop®. (It would have taken for-freakin'-ever to render if I had tried to put all of those lights in with Bryce!)

This print is no longer available on line. If you'd like a copy, please drop me a note, and ask me to put it on my Zazzle Store. Thanks!

If you want to contact me, please go to my Contact page for a mailing address, or you can reach me on Twitter, where I'm @RobinWood.